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My father bought a farm with nothing on it in 1969 .He was 43 years old . Built a 4 bedroom house , 2 large storeroom , milking parlour to milk6 cows at a time , dug a well for water , built concrete reservoirs , dam at the river was repaired . He had pigs and more than 300 head of Ayshire cattle as well as chickens and ducks . The farm was divided into camps to grow fodder as well , for the animals . Irrigation was also laid out .My parents were notified about expropriation for Kwandebele . Then came the final notice to leave the farm with a below value price in 1986 , fathers age 60 .He was forced to sell off all his implements , livestock on auction .Those attending the auction knew the circumstances of the sale and prices reached were far below the market rate . It was a very traumatic time for my parents and as a result my mother died of lung cancer 3 years later ( she had never smoked and did not drink alcohol .My father smoked occasionally ). Why didn't he buy another farm ? Because it would take another 20 years to rebuild everything he had ! So anyone that thinks it is not a big issue in losing your land , business that you have built up over many years is definitely living in a dream world !The property was rented out to an Asian that did not qualify as African and did nothing on the farm to make it productive . Today it is just a piece of land as it was in 1969 . NOTHING .I do not wish this on any farmer irrespective of which government is in power .

Victor Opperman
Thobeka bought shares through vendor financing and is in the process of paying it off.
I have lost my farm that I a elegal land just barren land.boshfontein c 17 Lydenburg.

Ockert Botha
Atherstone farm (KZN) past Bainsfield, on the way to Richmond. One of many in that area. I saw this happen with my own eyes. Was a huge well run productive Orange and Avo farm. Had a land claim about 8 years back. Now the trees are dying, weeds higher than the trees and fruit rots on the ground. All the labour lost their jobs and had to leave. The guy who took over claimed 3 such farms apparently , I suggest going onto Google Earth and do screen captures for visual reference. You can go back to 2002 map photos to do comparison on how most of these once productive farms have been destroyed. very sad to see.

Justin Thacker
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