Who is LandSTORY

LandSTORY was formed in 2018 and backed by South Africans of all colours to help tell and change the story of our land.

Our aim is to provide an unbiased land ownership and story telling platform where people can tell their land stories. We want to create a place where people move from frustration and not being heard, to shaping the land transformation decision making process. We want land transformation initiatives, and the data surrounding them, to become more transparent and visible for anyone on the street to see. We want to help facilitate a healthy dialogue between all stakeholders. And we want to help build up trust and confidence in decision makers.

LandSTORY's mission is to involve South African citizens to help tell and change the story of our land.
Let's chat...
Cornelis Grobler | Visionary
+27 (82) 948 2991

Willem Grobler | Product Dev
+27 (82) 858 4084
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