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What is our land problem?

Frustrated people

feel they can do nothing about the land transformation story

Broken dialogue

between stakeholders of the land means that we stay stuck

Lack of transparency

makes current & future projects difficult to measure & improve

Lack of trust

in land transformation data reduces confidence in decision making process

Our solution

We’ve built a platform that puts every South African citizen back into the land transformation story. 

Anyone can find their own or someone else’s land on our platform and tell their land story - thereby creating a space where people can be heard, shape a healthy dialogue between all stakeholders, make land data more transparent, and build trust and confidence in the decision making process.
Find your land
Or someone else's

13% land data received

Partner with us or help find land to get all the land stats up here sooner.
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What about my privacy?

We will never expose your identity to the public. In other words, personal details like  your name, email and cell number will never be shown and associated with the land you have identified and then made visible to the public.
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How you can help

A little goes a far way…

Find your land

The simplest way to get started is to find your land or someone else’s, verify the facts and tell your story.

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Help us reach the corners of South Africa by supporting us financially or by becoming a channel partner.

Tell your story

Have you been impacted by a land transformation project? We’d love to hear your story.

Land stories

As told by South Africans 
Thobeka bought shares through vendor financing and is in the process of paying it off.
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